In April 2016, the microbiome clubs of MIT and Harvard partnered to hold the inaugural MIT-Harvard Microbiome Symposium, with generous support from the MIT Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics. We hosted two keynotes speakers: Yvonne Huang of University of Michigan spoke on asthma phenotypes and the respiratory microbiome, and Elaine Hsiao of UCLA spoke on microbiome gut-brain interactions. More than 300 people attended, with 20 research poster presentations.

Our 2nd symposium in March 2017 was just as successful. We featured Harvard’s Rachel Carmody on dietary manipulations of the gut microbiome and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Jasmohan Bajaj on gut-brain axis perturbations in liver cirrhosis as our keynote speakers.

Our 3rd annual symposium brought together researchers and clinicians from the Boston area together to share the latest research in the microbiome and human health featuring 2 keynote speakers: Ami Bhatt from Stanford University and Julia Oh from the Jackson Laboratory and four flash talks by Richard Creswell, Claire Duvallet, Mathieu Groussin and Daniel Utter.

At our 4th annual symposium in 2019, we hosted Caroline Mitchell from Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medial School and Katherine Amato from Northwestern University as our two keynote speakers, and had flash talks presented by David Gootenberg, Kellyanne Duncan, Shaul Pollak, and Jamila Caplan Kester.

About our sponsors: CMIT & MIT Microbiome Club

The Center for Microbiome Informatics & Therapeutics also supports research projects involving the microbiome.

  • Center Research Members 2018
    • Ramnik Xavier (MGH, Broad Institute) Co-Director of the Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics
    • Eric Alm (MIT, Broad Institute) Co-Director of the Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics
    • Laura Kiessling (MIT)
    • Tami Lieberman (MIT)
    • Jun Huh (HMS)
    • Jim Moon (MGH)
    • Daniel Graham (Broad)
    • Pam Silver (Harvard)
    • Hera Vlamakis (Broad) Group Leader, Xavier Research Group
    • Jim Collins (MIT, Wyss Institute)
    • Elizabeth Kujawinski (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
    • Martin Polz (MIT)
    • Curtis Huttenhower (Harvard School of Public Health)
    • Kate Jeffrey (MGH)
    • Katharina Ribbeck (MIT)
    • George Whitesides (Harvard University)
    • Arlene Sharpe (Harvard Medical School)
    • Bonnie Berger (MIT)
    • Sloan Devlin (Harvard Medical School)
    • Emily Balskus (Harvard University)
    • Andrew Goodman (Yale University)
    • Tim Lu (MIT)
    • Aviv Regev (Broad)
    • Alex Shalek (MIT)
    • Mathieu Groussin (MIT, Global Microbiome Conservancy)